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We are open and take appropriate measures for a pleasant visit.

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Fashion & Accessories Happening

During the Fashion & Accessories Happening you will discover, in our department fashion & accessories &go, the newest collections Autumn-Winter 21 in clothing, accessories, fashion jewelry, shoes and much more. Everything is in stock: Choose, pay, take away and sell immediately!

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‎The valhalla for retailers looking for Autumn-Winter collections from stock.‎

‎👉 More than ‎200 brands‎

‎👉 Clothing, accessories, fashion jewelry, shoes, ...‎

‎👉 Cash & Carry principle:‎‎everything in stock and immediately removable‎

‎👉 Up to date with the latest trends‎

Your safety is our concern 

Thanks to our precautions in the fight against COVID-19, you can buy in safety. Read the measures before planning a visit.

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‎To visit Trademart you need to be professionally active in one of our sectors. We would like to welcome you on your first visit for‎‎ a free day pass.‎‎ Be sure to bring:‎

‎Admission to our events is free of charge. Parking costs you €6 per day. ‎
‎However, if you do not wish to wait at the reception for registration, please apply for your annual card. ‎‎Apply for your annual card here ‎ and park for a whole year at €20.‎

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‎All the benefits of Cash &Carry‎

‎Are you tired of those long delivery times of suppliers and manufacturers? Thanks to our cash & carry formula, you no longer have to wait months for your products. Read how it works here.‎

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