We will be closed on Sunday 09/04, but will be happy to welcome you on Easter Monday 10/04 from 10am to 4pm.

&go SUNDAY - March 2023

Trademart, Atomiumlaan 1 - 1020 Brussel

During the &go SUNDAY, both our home & living &go and our fashion & accessories &go departments will be open. The perfect moment to be inspired for the future and growth of your business! Do you want to update – or expand – your current range? Create an extra corner with accessories at your check-out counter or a trendy interior and shop window for your store? Discover it all on the &go SUNDAY! Curious about the participating fashion & accessories &go exhibitors? Discover them further on the page!

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Fashion & accessories &go

Want to start selling fashion & accessories, or expand your current offering with these items? Are you open to new brands and products that can generate upsell in your store or webshop? Then be sure to come and visit the fashion & accessories &go department during the &go SUNDAY on 19 March!

Fashion & accessories &go offering

Is your assortment still missing those statement earrings, silk scrunchie, bucket hat or diadem? You can find all of these things at fashion & accessories &go. Where you’ll find the hippest Spring and Summer collections from more than 200 brands – with new items for both women and men every week.

Home & living &go

Are you already selling decoration and interior items, or would you like to expand your business with these articles? Or are you looking to brighten up your shop window and participate in the latest trends and top topicals, such as Easter? Then be sure to come and take a look at home & living &go during the &go SUNDAY on 19 March!

Home & living &go offering

Looking for the most beautiful silk flowers, the softest pillows, furniture, scented candles, vases and other decorative and interior items? Then come and visit the home & living &go department – and find the perfect eye-catcher for your business!

Take all you can carry 

There are only advantages to our cash & carry formula. Everything is in stock: so you choose, pay, take it with you … and resell it immediately in your store or webshop! 

  • You don't have stock issues, because you buy and make everything available immediately 
  • You lower your risks by purchasing in small quantities 
  • You can keep it down to a small investment 
  • You can react quickly thanks to the ever-changing offering 
  • You can adapt your store’s presentation according to the seasons and latest trends 
  • You can refresh your shop window each week to respond to trends or relevant top topicals 

Thanks to our rapidly changing assortment, the latest must-haves are always available. So, for example, discover numerous Spring & Easter items during our &go SUNDAY on 19 March! 

Practical information

Trademart has 2 spacious car parks, both accessible to our visitors during the event.

Parking 1

Parking 2

How do I gain access to the event?

Are you professionally active in one of our sectors? super! We would like to welcome you on your first visit with a free entrance card. Be sure to bring:

Admission to our events is free of charge. Parking costs you €8 per day.
However, if you do not wish to wait at the reception for registration, please apply for your annual card. Apply for your annual card here and park for a whole year at €20.