CORE FESTIVAL 27 & 28/05/22

Monday Opening home & living

Discover the collections of more than 500 brands in kitchen, dining, design, gifts and decoration.

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On Monday, May 30, home & living will be open!

Do you want to pamper your customers with the latest trends by replenishing your collections for the spring-summer season? Then come along!

At home & living you can complete your collections from a very wide range. There are no less than 500 brands to discover with fresh collections in kitchen, dining, gifts & design and decoration.

How do I get access to this Monday Opening?

Are you professionally active in one of our sectors? Great! We will be happy to welcome you at the reception desk on your first visit for a free entrance pass. Be sure to bring:

  • Your VAT number
  • A proof of your professional activity

Access to our events is free. Parking will cost you €8 per day.

However, if you do not wish to wait at the reception desk to register, ask for your annual pass. 

Not to be missed at home & living: Nine handy and trendy kitchen products to make cooking even more enjoyable

As a retailer, you can get so much inspiration from all the goodies at home & living. From cheerful decoration to handy coffee machines: you’ll find all home requirements right here. Are you coming to stock up at home & living very shortly? Then we’d like to inspire you with some kitchen essentials this time!

1. Airtender by TTP Concepts

This kitchen appliance from Airtender uses air pressure to help you create and store the tastiest culinary creations. Using negative air pressure a vacuum is easily created in your food and drink in any storage jar or wine bottle. While preparing your recipe you can also use this technique for intense marinating or infusing. But that’s not all … The device also works with positive air pressure (compression) to improve food quality. You can attach it to aerate wine, as well as for cocktails, sauces, and soups. The Fluid Injector is used to inject marinades or fill baking creations. A versatile device which you can enjoy using in all kinds of experiments!

2. BK by The Cookware Company

‘Poffertjes’ are popular small pancakes in Belgium and the Netherlands. Everybody loves them! To help you make these tasty treats, BK Bourgogne has a special ’poffertjes’ pan in its collection. Made of enamelled cast-iron, this pan ensures even heat distribution. Also, thanks to its high-quality material it is a very heavy pan, which keeps it nice and stable on any heat source. Including induction! Did you know you can make as many as 16 poffertjes at once with this pan? We bet you can’t wait to dig in!

3. Greenpan by The Cookware Company

Have you already heard of the new Barcelona Pro-collection from Greenpan? This collection has been designed to last a lifetime! What makes it so special? The pans have a Thermolon Infinity Pro ceramic non-stick coating. This means that every pan in the collection is extremely long-lasting and completely PFAS-free. Did you know that the collection has been designed especially for intensive daily use? Yes, the Barcelona Pro-collection is the recipe for many years of healthy baking!

4. Smart Pressure Cooker from Espressions by IT&M

Looking for a handy sidekick in the kitchen? Then the Smart Pressure Cooker from Espressions is exactly what you need. This versatile machine has different smart high-pressure programmes to quickly prepare risotto, pasta, rice, poultry, chilli, soup and more. You can also set your own programmes, and enjoy slow cooking and sautéing in addition to high-pressure. Cherry on the cake: you can even make yoghurt with this machine!

5.  Smokeless charcoal barbecue from LotusGrill by Interhal/Abodee

Compact format, great effect!  You can take this charcoal barbecue from LotusGrill wherever you go. Fancy barbecuing on the patio, in the park or aboard a boat? The choice is yours! This barbecue is ready to use within 3 minutes and also smokeless. That is because the fat cannot drip onto the charcoal. This table barbecue also contains a patented electrical air circulation system and a variable temperature setting. The more air that is added, the better the charcoal will burn.

6. Betty Bossi by Interhal/Abodee

Betty Bossi is the ultimate brand for real cooking and baking fanatics. The range includes lots of kitchen accessories to make cooking and baking both easier and more efficient. For example, the ‘Croissant Roller’ (for making mini-croissants) or the ‘Dumpling Maker’ (for delicious oven-baked treats) or ‘Chocolate Deco’ (for decorating cakes or desserts). Each tool is exactly what you need to achieve a better and more beautiful culinary result.

7. Forged by Style de Vie Authentique

Forged is a young brand offering a range of 6 different knife collections. Each knife is unique, cool and entirely handcrafted. Forged knives can be recognised by their characteristic hammering on the blade. The knives are made according to ancient Japanese traditions and are ideal for professional chefs and anyone else who loves cooking. Which is your favourite? The tough-looking Brute collection, natural Olive, stylish Sebra or the artistic Katai collection? All knives are made from Japanese steel, are 58-60 rockwell hard and are packed in a beautifully branded wooden case.

8. Global MinoSharp by La Cucina

Keep your knives at the cutting edge? You can sharpen them really easily with the Global MinoSharp. Before you begin, just fill the trough with a little water. The actual grinder consists of small ceramic wheels. To sharpen your knife, drag it gently 15 to 20 times along the wheels and without exerting too much pressure. Your knife will be super sharp in 1, 2, 3. Handy to know: since the grinding slot and the wheels are at a meticulous angle, it is impossible to grind at the wrong angle. A future for blunt knives? Certainly not!

9. Microplane Graters by La Cucina 

These Microplane graters are both nice to use and long-lasting. The kitchen accessory is made of strong stainless steel and comes with a protective cover. Each grater has a soft-touch or stainless-steel handle, making it pleasant to hold. There are also rubber anti-slip feet on the base. Handy when you pop the grater down on the work surface. In short? A great tool to help with all your grating!