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Flexible rental formulas

Your business environment is evolving faster than ever before. So we want to meet all of your needs − with even more services and with new test-formulas − at Trade Mart Brussels!

Flexible rental formulas

Permanent showrooms

Rent your own showroom at Trade Mart Brussels − and benefit continually from a versatile venue for your brand in the heart of the Benelux. Participate in all sector events and opening days, and invite your customers to your showroom year-round.

Flexible rental formulas

Shared (staffed) showrooms

You want your brand to be represented in the heart of the Benelux, but you can’t always have someone present in Brussels? Then, sharing a staffed showroom with colleagues can be a creative opportunity! Your presence is required only during events − and we take care of staffing the showroom on the other opening days.

Flexible rental formulas

A workspace for your team

When you’re looking for a new location for your brand, they are not only look for a showroom but for a nice workspace for your team as well. At Trade Mart Brussels, available spaces can be fully equipped according to your wishes and needs.

Flexible rental formulas

Flexible start-up

Of course, we know that a showroom requires several investments. Would this be holding you back from contacting us? No problem, there can always be a try-out period first − at a test location that is ready for you to move into, for instance. Let’s discuss the opportunities together.

In certain cases, it’s possible to take part in sector events as a test. You receive a place for your brand in an available space, alone or together with other brands. This way, you can really test whether there is a match between your company and the concept Trade Mart Brussels is proposing.

A tailor-made solution

Would you like to collaborate with us in a different way and use Trade Mart Brussels as a showcase for your product or service? We’re open to all your ideas!