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Our flexible rental formulas

Your business environment is evolving faster than ever before. So we want to meet all of your needs − with even more services and with new test-formulas − at Trade Mart Brussels!

Our flexible rental formulas

Permanent showrooms

Rent your own showroom at Trade Mart Brussels − and benefit continually from a versatile venue for your brand in the heart of the Benelux. Participate in all sector events and opening days, and invite your customers to your showroom year-round.

Our flexible rental formulas

Shared (staffed) showrooms

You want your brand to be represented in the heart of the Benelux, but you can’t always have someone present in Brussels? Then, sharing a staffed showroom with colleagues can be a creative opportunity! Your presence is required only during events − and we take care of staffing the showroom on the other opening days.

Our flexible rental formulas

A workspace for your team

When you’re looking for a new location for your brand, they are not only look for a showroom but for a nice workspace for your team as well. At Trade Mart Brussels, available spaces can be fully equipped according to your wishes and needs.

Our flexible rental formulas

Flexible start-up

Of course, we know that a showroom requires several investments. Would this be holding you back from contacting us? No problem, there can always be a try-out period first − at a test location that is ready for you to move into, for instance. Let’s discuss the opportunities together.

In certain cases, it’s possible to take part in sector events as a test. You receive a place for your brand in an available space, alone or together with other brands. This way, you can really test whether there is a match between your company and the concept Trade Mart Brussels is proposing.

Our flexible rental formulas

Pop-Up Store

Looking to rent a temporary showroom?

We offer you the possibility of renting a sales or demonstration space for just a few days or a few weeks.

Our flexible rental formulas

Cash & Carry - Home and Living

In 2020 we will open our Home and Living Cash & Carry center; that's 10.000m² of inspiration in one shop. Together with 150 trendsetters, you will showcase your collection and inspire the retailers.

Your task: dress up your stand and deliver goods. We do the rest 😊.

A tailor-made solution

Would you like to collaborate with us in a different way and use Trade Mart Brussels as a showcase for your product or service? We’re open to all your ideas!