Back to school inspiration from our children’s clothing wholesaler!

Have you already started hunting for back to school supplies? Trademart, the children’s clothing wholesaler, can offer you the most handsome collections of school bags, snack boxes, drinking bottles and children’s clothing. Read on to discover all the trends that will score points with your customers during the back to school period.

back to school first day

We don’t need to tell you that the back to school period is one of the highlights of the year in the retail sector. This year, 850,000 Walloon students and 1.2 million Flemish students were back in the classroom. Everyone wants to look their best in September. Why not give them a helping hand!

Back to school with sustainable children’s clothing 

All children (and their parents) want to put their best foot forward on the first day of school. To prepare, many head to the hairdresser or wear a new outfit. As a children's clothing wholesaler, we are not in a position to help you with your hairstyle just yet. But we can help you with the outfit. Take a look at the exhibitors below. They offer original and sustainable children's clothing brands to guarantee that your special back to school collection will be a success.

back to school
back to school back packs

Your school bag and backpack wholesaler 

We don’t just offer children's clothing; we are also a backpack and school bag wholesaler. You will find wholesale school supplies at the following exhibitors: Caramel Et Cie, Little Dutch, Trixie Baby and Fresk.

Perhaps your customers are unsure about how to choose the right backpack or school bag? Recommend a model that is no larger than the width of their child's shoulders: 39 cm in the first, second and third years of school; 44 to 48 cm in the fourth, fifth and sixth years. 

Remind your customers that in addition to a school bag, most pupils will also need a backpack for gym and swimming classes. Exhibitors like Hoorens, Koos Agency, Hanne Juul Agency, Kidzpiration, Peach Agency, Manchild, Mamelou and Patrick Neys Agenturen.

Sustainable school supplies 

Parents, children and schools too are increasingly concerned about climate change. Sustainable snack boxes and leak-proof reusable water bottles have replaced polluting aluminium and disposable bottles. 

However, lots of children attach a great deal of importance to the design of their lunch box and bottle. The unique, fancy lunch box collections by exhibitors like Artsana Fresk, Hoorens, Little Dutch, Malin Agency and Manchild are sure to appeal to your customers. For younger children and first-year pupils whose fine motor skills are not yet fully developed, we recommend the Dr. Brown’s cheers 360° cups. 

Tips for a smooth transition into the first year of school 

Starting primary school is an important milestone in the life of a child and their parents. As a retailer, you can help with this by recommending school supplies, and also by giving tips about how to facilitate the transition from kindergarten to primary school. 

tips back to school

The experts point to five essentials:

  • let your child choose their own school supplies and school bag;
  • don’t make a big fuss about school, writing and sums; keep things light;
  • explain that it’s okay to make mistakes and that you have to practice a lot before you get good at anything;
  • read your child books about the transition from kindergarten to primary school;
  • do not insist about the fact that they will have to remain seated in class, instead focusing on playtime in the school yard and in the classroom.
lunch box back to school

The school will generally provide a list of school supplies they expect pupils to bring for the first year. However, it may be useful to have a checklist on display in your shop or publish it on your webshop. Here are the main school supplies that primary school children need:

School bag • Lunch box • Fruit box • Snack box • Bottle • Pencil case • Gym and/or Swimming bag • Pencils • Colouring pencils • Eraser

Back to school: Your children's clothing wholesaler 

Don’t wait until the last moment to buy your back to school collection. Schedule a visit to your children's clothing and school supplies wholesaler. At the exhibitors in the Baby & Kids department at Trademart, you will find more than 250 sustainable kidswear brands, school bags, educational materials and other school supplies. Everything you need to prepare for a great school year!

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