5x benefits of the Cash & Carry formula

Does your collection also fly out the door in 1-2-3? Do you often come to the conclusion that you should have stockpiled certain pieces? Do you have trouble keeping your collection up to date due to the long delivery times of suppliers? Then Cash & Carry is the solution for you. We give you 5 reasons why you should visit the Cash &Carry department at Trade Mart.

1. Everything in stock

You walk in, choose items and take them with you right away. Thanks to our Cash &Carry exhibitors, you no longer have to wait months for the delivery of your goods.

All clothing, shoes and accessories are in stock and you can immediately display them in your store shelves. In the morning at Trade Mart Brussels, in the afternoon on your shelves.

2. Complete your collection weekly

Our Cash &Carry exhibitors have their entire collection in stock in their showrooms at Trade Mart Brussels. Because their assortment is replenished weekly,you as a retailer can immediately adjust your collection to the wishes of your customers. You don't have to determine your entire collection months in advance!

Let's give some examples:

  • A heat wave strikes in May? You immediately get a load of fresh summer dresses.
  • Kim Kardashian once wore biker shorts and suddenly this trend goes viral? A week later you will find a whole range of biker shorts in our Cash &Carry department.

3. Minimum investment, high return

Because of the flexibility of your collection, you also have a great economic advantage. You do not lock your investment into one large order months in advance, but can review it on a weekly basis. This way you get the maximum return from a minimum investment.

4. More than 200 brands under one roof

With more than 200 brands in our Fashion &Accessories department, we can present our retailers with a total range of items. You will discover items for every style at trade mart brussels cash &carry providers. In the offer you will find, among other things: ready-to-wear clothing jewelry sneakers hats ... and much more

5. Open every weekday

Our Cash &Carry department is open every weekday from 10am to 5pm. So you have plenty of time to come and discover new stuff. In addition to these hours, do you also want to visit our exhibitors? Then make an appointment. You can find all contact details on their personal exhibitor pages.

Come and have a look!

Curious how Cash & Carry can play a role in your business? Come by. Pop in on a weekday between 10am and 5pm or come to our next Sunday opening. We're expecting you!