Casual chic celebrations in your own bubble

Unfortunately, there are no big celebrations this year. Of course, that doesn't mean your customers are just celebrating Christmas or New Year's Eve in pajamas. On the contrary, now is the time to pull out all the stops. Check out our tips to shine at home with the bubble!

The end-of-year period is the time to get the most out of the closet. Corona or not: your customers want to look their best during this period. A style that is very suitable for celebrating at home is casual chic. The big advantage? The different pieces can also be worn easily afterwards. Take a look!

Diamonds are always good

Festive but not too much? With a stylish dress – in combination with a more striking coat – you're in the right place. Miss Lulu's camel-coloured dress is an absolute winner and certainly in combination with a jacket that catches the eye a bit more. This checkered copy, also by Miss Lulu, is easy to wear after the holidays. The eye-catcher of this look is undoubtedly Zeen's handbag, which fits perfectly with the other pieces in terms of color and style. You can finish the look with shoes from PB Fashion.

Black is magic

Black is a familiar color when you want to create a festive look. And that's totally fine, because black always stays in fashion. The trick is to combine different materials, textures, shades and accessories. On the left we see a full outfit from Why Not in which different structures – pleated skirt and thick sweater – combine. Willems J.J. earrings and Collections de Charme bracelets complete the look. Not to mention the black handbag from Alexandr'o By Comeurotex – a real must for the holidays! The right look has that extra sparkle, with Kosto Fashion's outfit, PB Fashion shoes and a ring from Collections de Charme a perfect match.

With a golden edge

Celebrating with jeans? Of course you can! In this look we combine black jeans from Jeans Yard with a gold top and black cardigan from Noi per Voi. By using gold, the look immediately gets something festive. Any more shins? Willems J.J.'s bracelet, ring and necklace add sparkles to the look. Also the handbag from Zeen and shoes from PB Fashion give this casual look just that little bit more.

Get inspired during the Christmas Happening

Are you still looking for pieces to supplement your collections this end of year? Then be sure to visit us during our Christmas Happening. From Monday 23 to Friday 27 November we will open all registers and more than 200 brands are ready to inspire you with accessories, fantasy jewels and clothing!