Do's & don'ts - Tips for your webshop in corona times

Unique times require a unique approach... but above all a lot of solidarity! Learn how some tweaks take the service of your online sales up a level. Some locals show you what that looks like in practice.

DO: make the difference with service

Offer a unique service that really benefits your customers.

Create your own clothing/shoe package for your customer based on your own expertise, bring it personally to your home and take care of collection of items that your customer does not want to keep.

The better your service offers a solution to your customers' situation, the faster you will face top sales.

MyShop understood this well. She selects the best pieces for her customers and then delivers them for a fitting session at home. Personal shopping anno 2020.

DON'T: keeping your customers in the dark

Your web visitors want to feel safe and reassured in these troubling times.

Clearly inform your customers about general measures you take as a company,changed opening hours, stock statuses, longer delivery times, delayed delivery, busier customer service and the return policy.

You can do this via a pop-up or a banner at the top of your Page or via a post on your social media.

Carmi provides our best practice in crisis communication. They communicate efficiently and transparently through all their channels. Their customers immediately know where they stand!

DO: be reachable

Happy customers guaranteed!

Even if you can no longer physically help your customers, provide a top customer experience while shopping online.

Do you have a webshop? Then you can activate the chat function of your webshop. Do you sell through social media? Check your messages regularly and reply as soon as possible. If you want to keep your customers engaged, accessibility is key!
TIP: Add a call to action to each communication to get intouch. This increases the number of customer contacts... and therefore also the potential number of orders!

DO: join local initiatives

Local shopping = burning current

The time to reach even more locals with your collections. Join one of these initiatives, collaborate with other local merchants, and use the right hashtags.

Kruidvat made a thank you film for the organization Merci Belgium. Thanks to their platform, the retailer enjoys extra visibility and own content for its own channels.

DON'T: throwing usury discounts

We know how tempting it is to get your order volume up with spectacular discount promotions.

It is important to keep an extra eye on your margins now and sell your newly delivered items to full pot or with minimal discount.

This way you build breathing space for yourself.

DO: Make it easy for your customers

Fewer thresholds = more sales

Make sure the ordering process is clear and remove all possible barriers and obstacles for your virtual visitors.

For example, extending the return period or reading free shipping.

De Blauwe Zebra enthusiastically calls customers, clearly explains how its delivery process takes place and offers free shipping. Way to go!

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