Discover the end-of-year interior trends of 2020 here!

Can't you wait till the Christmas period? Or is your Christmas tree already there? We get it, it's the nicest time of the year for a reason! But no Christmas without transforming your home with the most beautiful Christmas decorations. We list the end-of-year interior trends of 2020 for you!

Frosty christmas

Are we going for a fairytale winter atmosphere with a Scandinavian touch this year? In that case, the frosty Christmas look is the ideal source of inspiration!

This style brings the cool 'frosty' look from the outside to life by creating an interior with warm colors indoors, a silver or gold touch and velvet accents here and there. Velvet, also called velvet, immediately gives your interior a luxurious yet trendy look!

A wonderfully warm and magical interior during the end-of-year period: check!

Minimalistic and natural

Natural materials are hot! You may have seen them appear many times, but they can't be missed in the end-of-year collection either.

Think of wood, reeds, cement, linen and leather. These elements can be perfectly combined with golden &green tones, and Christmas decorations from nature, such as pine cones, nuts, branches and so on.

This way you can create a festive interior with a minimalist and natural look in no time!

Traditional with a twist

Do you like traditional more, but do you also like to give your interior a personal touch? Then the traditional Christmas colors white, red and green can of course not be missing.

However, try to combine it with a statement piece, such as lighting. This way it not only has a functional value (because what would we do without lighting during these dark days?), but it also creates extra atmosphere and conviviality during the end-of-year period!

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