Home office ideas: Inspire your clients with your wholesaler in home decoration and table decoration!

A home office has become the new normal for many of us with the widespread appearance of teleworking. But setting up a home office is not just about buying a desk and a suitable chair. Offer your clients valuable home office ideas with the help of your wholesaler in decoration.

home office wholesale

The number of people working from home has gone through the roof since the pandemic. According to a recent study by FPS Economy, 35% of Belgians regularly work from home. This percentage even exceeds 65% when it comes to managerial, intellectual, scientific and artistic positions. That is why it is only logical that more and more workers want to set up an office in their home. But a home office is not just a matter of buying a desk and a chair. Teleworkers want to create a more pleasant working environment, with a focus on their home office decoration and desk accessories. And you can help them. For example, you can turn part of your shop into a home office or offer some ideas from your online shop. Here are some thoughts...

Table decoration for your home office set up 

Many of the exhibitors in our wholesale decoration sales department have some good ideas about how to make a home office a more pleasant space. For example, you will find a wide range of decorative objects by Tendens, Studio Oskar, DecostarInterhal Select/Abodee or Eurostyle. And why not include some artificial plants from JPC to your range. They’re great for finding serenity after a stressful day of work. And they will never disappoint because they don’t require any maintenance. 

In addition to being pleasant, a home office must also be well lit, preferably with natural lighting. Do your customers still need more light? Suggest the table lamps and hanging lamps by Masson Agenturen. The Piffany brand offers a wide range of LED candles to brighten up those dark corners. 

home office wholesale
home office wholesale
home office wholesale

Better equip your home office with a coffee machine 

Perhaps your clients can’t get through their working day without coffee? Trademart exhibitors offer the most efficient coffee machines, including Alessi design models and professional coffee machines by Solis of Switzerland and Jura (Bodart & C°). 

Tea drinkers will find it hard to resist the pretty teapots by Karena International and Eurowing Orchid. Don’t forget to include coffee mugs and tea cups in your collection to enhance the tasting experience. T-Co and TX-Distri offer a very wide range, but you will also find some original items with other exhibitors in our wholesale decoration sales department.

As a kitchen appliance wholesaler, Trademart also offers other appliances that guarantee a more pleasant remote working space. These include smoothie blenders and kitchen robots sold by renowned exhibitors such as KitchenAid, Smeg and The Cookware Company.

Acoustics are part of your home office essentials 

If you often work from home and have noisy children or neighbours, you know how distracting noise can be. Your customers who set up a home office will thank you if you recommend good headphones, such as those by Prefix Design. You will also find quality speakers for people who like to work with music in the background.  

Acoustics are also often overlooked when setting up a home office. Rugs can make a considerable improvement, with the added benefit of being extremely comfortable. At Daatti Home Collections and Flora Carpets you will find a host of rugs that are perfectly suited to the layout of a home office. 

home office wholesale
home office wholesale

Trademark: inspiration for your home office 

All exhibitors from Trademart’s home & living department (kitchen- dining – gifts – design – decoration – furniture) are available to you on the last Monday of every month from 10a.m. to 5p.m. Some of the home & living exhibitors (decoration – furniture) are even available every Monday of the month. Would you like to benefit from personalised assistance with the purchase of your decorative items? Then make an appointment with the home & living exhibitors of your choice.

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