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Kids Fashion Days: these brands pull out all the stops during the very first edition of this new event!

They are finally here: the very first Kids Fashion Days! On 15 and 16 January, more then 40 children's clothing brands will unleash their new autumn-winter '23-'24 collections on you. They will do so in our brand-new baby & kids department on floor D! Below you get a sneak preview of what’s to discover.

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1. Pigeon van Organics for Kids by Babylonia

Pigeon by Organics for Kids develops sustainable and thoughtful clothing and accessories from the best organic cotton. Romper suits, sleep suits, pyjamas, blankets and hats are all available in a variety of trendy prints.

The AW '23 collection is characterised by a rich autumnal palette: mocha, deep blue, olive green, burnt orange, petal pink, mustard yellow and a hint of black. All in our favourite fabrics: luxurious velour, cosy fleece, chunky cord, soft interlock and a cosy new waffle.

The latest prints include owls, squirrels, badgers, dogs, mice and flowers - with a matching stripe.

Pigeon van Organics for Kids by Babylonia
Bobux by Babylonia

2. Bobux by Babylonia

Bobux has been making the best children's shoes for almost 30 years. For that, five components are essential: flexibility, adjustability, breathability, weight and fit. Bobux shoes are therefore shaped to fit children's feet and are made of flexible, breathable leather and lightweight knits. Moreover, they have buckles that make them easy to wear and adjust. And they are also durable, withstanding all the crazy things our kids get up to. So they can keep protecting their feet.

3. Angel’s Face by Abs Agency Kids Wear

Angel's Face is a clothing brand for little ones with style. Their collections allow little girls to express themselves with their clothes, gain confidence from comfort and feel invincible in clothes they love. So much so that they would prefer to wear them every day.

Angel’s Face by Abs Agency Kids Wear
Bob&Oli by Abs Agency Kids Wear

4. Bob&Oli by Abs Agency Kids Wear

The Bob&Oli collection is a mix between pyjamas and outdoor clothing. Bob&Oli was born to offer comfort and style at every stage of childhood. Durable and colourful clothes in which children feel completely themselves.

Bob&Oli offers a complete collection full of colours, cheerfulness and trendy designs.

5. Boboli by Abs Agency Kids Wear

Boboli is a family-run business, founded in 1984, with the intention of making qualitative, comfortable and responsible children's fashion. Colour is rooted deep in their DNA, and therefore also in their clothes.

Boboli offers a complete collection for every stage of a child's life. From 0 to 16 years. Clothes in which children can be children.

Boboli by Abs Agency Kids Wear
iDO by Abs Agency Kids Wear

6. iDO by Abs Agency Kids Wear

A child's daily life is full of energy, liveliness and evolution, which is why iDO launched "Everyday style", lots of fun prints and trendy print fabrics with a contemporary look.

With iDo mini, the brand also offers a stylish but comfortable collection for the littlest ones (ages 0 to 2 years).

7. Minibanda by Abs Agency Kids Wear

Each item conveys a sense of tenderness: soft colours or brighter shades, thin stripes or tiny dots.

A world with a unique, exciting and timeless style, dedicated to babies from 0 to 24 months.

Minibanda by Abs Agency Kids Wear
Sarabanda by Abs Agency Kids Wear

8. Sarabanda by Abs Agency Kids Wear

Sarabanda expresses itself in a range of evergreen contrasts, with matching components. Trendy and always with elegant details.

Sarabanda combines high-quality clothes with the comfort children need every day, from the most ordinary to the most special occasion.

9. Cloby by Cnerj

With Cloby, you and your baby can enjoy the sun without any worries! Besides the UV-protective sun towels, baby suits and hats, this season Cloby is also introducing lovely Ponchos with UPF50+ sun protection.

This protection comes from the special weaving of the fabric, and not from added chemicals! The ponchos are airy and quick drying, making them ideal for sunny beach and pool days.

Cloby by Cnerj
FLIINK by Hanne Juul Agency

10. FLIINK by Hanne Juul Agency

FLIINK is a young Danish brand that designs valuable quality clothing for children aged 0 to 6.

With a playful and timeless Scandinavian approach, they create contemporary designs with commercial appeal. And mainly in natural fibres.

The collection is carefully crafted to last beyond the season. All with the intention of leaving a smaller footprint on our planet.

11. That’s Mine by Hanne Juul Agency

That's Mine is a Danish brand whose mission it is to create thoughtful and quality-conscious designs for children aged 0-6.

The clothes feel nice and soft and little ones will be comfortable in rain and shine.

Moreover, the collection is completely sustainable and eco-friendly. All products are carefully crafted for adorable newborns and toddlers and made to last a long time.

That’s Mine by Hanne Juul Agency
HIP Shoe Style

12. HIP Shoe Style

HIP Shoe Style is a Dutch children's shoe brand with a household name in the children's shoe industry for over 40 years.

As the name suggests, HIP Shoe Style makes very hip and trendy shoes for boys and girls aged 5 to 13.

For smaller sizes, check out the brand Pinocchio, which caters to the little ones with equally hip and cool models.

13. Sproet & Sprout by KOOS Agency

Sproet & Sprout is a Dutch clothing brand for children aged between 0 and 12 who want to be as unique and fashionable as their parents. 

All graphic prints are hand-drawn in their own workshop. The brand uses the softest cotton and other fabrics that are made to last and be worn again and again.

Sproet & Sprout by KOOS Agency
Nixnut by KOOS Agency

14. Nixnut by KOOS Agency

Nixnut offers a unique style by combining simplicity and refined details. Top quality, timeless designs, soft colours and the most comfortable fabrics take centre stage. Each one designed with love and sustainably made in Europe. All Fair Trade.

15. House of Jamie by KOOS Agency

House of Jamie is a Dutch label with playful home, decor & travel essentials and clothing for boys and girls aged 0 to 10.

A timeless collection, dominated by minimalist, clean shapes and sophisticated prints. Effortless basics, available all year round. The brand even adds new designs and colours every season.

House of Jamie by KOOS Agency
Maison Tadaboum by KOOS Agency

16. Maison Tadaboum by KOOS Agency

Maison Tadaboum was founded in Paris in 2019 to offer fun, gender-neutral and easy-to-wear clothes for children.

Maison Tadaboum works with eco-friendly fabrics and the designs have bright colours and modern prints that greatly appeal to children.

17. 0½12468MINGO by KOOS Agency

Comfortable, durable, unisex, sophisticated and playful. All MINGO clothing has a distinctive MINGO touch expressed in simple, functional and minimalist styles. Basics designed with longevity in mind.

0½12468MINGO by KOOS Agency
Baje Studio by KOOS Agency

18. Baje Studio by KOOS Agency

Baje studio is a unique and sustainable brand created for your children. Because good style starts at a young age.

Baje is dedicated to designing luxury clothing, with unique and high-quality collections. Timeless, yet in line with the latest trends. From linen blouses to soft knitted trousers and skirts.

19. Bean’s by KOOS Agency

Bean's was founded in Barcelona in 2010. They offer a collection in eco-cotton with strong Mediterranean roots.

Bean's speaks the language of little ones: soft cotton fabrics, light colours, cosy shapes and cute prints.

Bean’s by KOOS Agency


LETTER TO THE WORLD was born in 2021 to make comfy clothes so children can feel free and have as much fun as possible.

Their main goal is to let children be children, to let them enjoy their childhood and to make everyday life easier for the whole family. They do this with easy-to-wear, high-quality clothes with fun looks. They go for conscious fashion, as 90% of the collection is made of organic cotton.

21. Aai Aai by KOOS Agency

Aai Aai offers cool, unisex baby and toddler accessories in soft colours. No unnecessary frills, but hip, cool items. A touch rebellious, but with a cuddly character! All products are 100% designed and handmade in Belgium by Marloes.

Aai Aai by KOOS Agency
A Monday in Copenhagen by KOOS Agency

22. A Monday in Copenhagen by KOOS Agency

Founded in 2017 by Anne, A Monday in Copenhagen is well on its way to becoming an established name in the Scandinavian children's fashion landscape. The collections are inspired by natural elements and urban culture. They have a simple but exclusive look that allows children to create their own style.

23. Liena by La Petite Rooze

Liena is the baby brand within La Petite Rooze's larger family of brands. Liena has a unique profile in your business: handmade, limited edition, sustainable, quality and affordable.

Liena offers clothes for our little ones from 0 to 2 years old.

In 2023, the family of brands will expand with 'Petite Pookie': Little fluffy friends with a touch of magic.

Liena by La Petite Rooze
Babystyling by Les Couleurs de Binouche

24. Babystyling by Les Couleurs de Binouche

Babystyling offers a modern and comfortable look, made in the EU with safe and ecological fabrics!

The collection is constantly renewed and besides that, the brand offers a lot of extra advantages, such as fast delivery, good service and small orders.

25. GoBabyGo by Malin Agency

Danish brand GoBabyGo's collection is specially designed to improve children's motor skills. Rubber pads on the knees and feet prevent slipping on slippery surfaces, giving children more confidence and stability when learning to crawl and walk. The socks also have an extra woven-in band, so they stay put.

Everything is produced in Europe to the Oeko-tex Standard 100. Stockings, pantyhose and more in cotton, bamboo, wool and alpaca. In the collection you will find all sizes, up to 4 years.

GoBabyGo by Malin Agency
Copenhagen Colors by Mrs Jansen Agency

26. Copenhagen Colors by Mrs Jansen Agency

This Danish brand is fully GOTS-certified (also as a company). In the collection, you'll find mostly fashion, but also a bit of lifestyle and toys. Nice and colourful, lots of merino wool and a fantastic quality and fit.

The collection also includes a large NOOS collection, with a new trend collection every season in the latest colours.

27. Müsli by Mrs Jansen Agency

Müsli is a fantastic Danish and GOTS-certified fashion and lifestyle brand with a romantic touch and in a trendy colour palette.

They offer size 44 to 140 in the best quality and at competitive prices.

Müsli by Mrs Jansen Agency
Tocoto Vintage by Mrs Jansen Agency

28. Tocoto Vintage by Mrs Jansen Agency

Tocoto Vintage is a wonderfully extensive and rich collection inspired by the sea and the island of Formentera. With a retro/vintage touch, but at the same time a very contemporary colour scheme.

90% of the collection is organically produced and ranges from 0 months to 14 years. Moreover, there is also a very nice boys' collection available!

29. Coco au Lait by Mrs Jansen Agency

This fantastic folk-romantic brand is originally from Mexico, but has recently become based in Spain, allowing them to distribute in Europe as well. Coco au lait has its own style and offers a high-quality collection in beautiful colours.

Coco au Lait by Mrs Jansen Agency
Dear Mini by Mrs Jansen Agency

30. Dear Mini by Mrs Jansen Agency

Dear Mini is a Spanish brand for babies and kids from 0 to 5 years old. Each collection is inspired by a story told through the prints.

The GOTS-certified cotton items in a neutral colour palette are classic, timeless and easy to combine. Comfort, quality and durability are top priorities for Dear Mini.

The collection always includes a strong offering for boys, too, and the prices are very competitive!

31. Mahina La by Mrs Jansen Agency

Amber jewellery is super on trend at the moment. And Mahina La creates amber jewellery with a trendy look. Amber reduces pain and stress, and it is therefore ideal for babies who are teething or who are suffering from cramps. Or for children with school stress and even for mums with Braxton Hicks-contractions.

But apart from being useful, it is also especially beautiful! The jewellery comes in a pretty linen bag.

Mahina La by Mrs Jansen Agency
Smallstuff by Mrs Jansen Agency

32. Smallstuff by Mrs Jansen Agency

Smallstuff produces Oeko-tex-certified items for babies and kids. Besides soft toys, dolls and other lifestyle items, they also produce baby clothes from 100% merino wool.

Due to their inventive production process, these woolen items can simply be machine-washed. In addition, the outerwear merino wool items use some state-of-the-art techniques, which prevent the fabric from pealing.

Danish design and quality in the most beautiful colours.

33. Petit Bateau

Petit Bateau continues to create, innovate and invent. They want to make clothes that give children freedom of movement and make parents' lives easier.

They always prioritise flexibility, comfort and robustness! That's why tricot, cotton and linen are their favourite materials ...

Petit Bateau has a unique culture of quality, for better materials, with a transparent production process, for confident fashion.

For 130 years Petit Bateau has been committed to fashion that stands the test of time, simply by being creative and timeless.

Petit Bateau
Babyface by Euretco Fashion

34. Babyface by Euretco Fashion

Babyface wants to make choices that contribute to a better world. That's why the brand created 'A Tiny Story'. A tiny collection with natural colours that can be worn by boys and girls. Minimalist in style, and made from beautiful, soft, high-quality fabrics.

The entire collection is made of organic cotton and carries the STANDARD 100 by OEKO-TEX® label.

A Tiny Story is available from size 50 to 74. You can mix and match the entire collection, consisting of hats, slippers, rompers, suits, shirts and bottoms, to your heart's content.

35. Baby’ Only by JEP! Agenturen

Baby's Only has the finest baby clothes for the summer months. The pieces are made from 100% organic cotton, making them wonderfully soft and airy to the touch. From comfortable rompers and shorts to box suits in soft shades, all pieces are made with the finest materials. Ultimate wearing comfort and also good for your baby's sensitive skin.

Baby’ Only by JEP! Agenturen
LOSAN by HTB Fashion

36. LOSAN by HTB Fashion

LOSAN was founded in Spain in 1985 and has been part of the SONAE group since 2015.

Timeless, comfortable, casual, chic and athleisure, you will find it all here.

All garments are carefully designed in Spain and feature beautiful, affordable designs, without losing sight of quality. Moreover, LOSAN also has a range in BCI cotton and collections for every child, from newborn to teenager.

37. Blue Effect by HTB Fashion

Blue Effect was founded in Germany in 2009 by two friends with very extensive experience in and a passion for children's clothing. Together, they created a Young Fashion Jeans brand that has become one of the best-selling children's jeans brands in Germany.

Blue Effect offers the latest fashion trends for boys and girls aged 4 to 16. They have a flexible production line and Hotshot collections are also on the horizon in the near future.

All jeans can be taken out of stock at any time due to the NOOS principle.

Blue Effect's products are produced locally and sustainably within Europe. Despite this, they can still offer a competitive price-quality ratio.

Blue Effect by HTB Fashion
Aster by FAC Agencies

38. Aster by FAC Agencies

Aster — which has been around since 1913 — is a make of shoes for babies and kids. It offers timeless, leather shoes of unrivalled quality.

The brand is also fully committed to sustainability: it uses sustainable materials, and it explores new, sustainable processes as part of every collection it launches. Soles made of natural rubber and eco-leather are just one example, and the label also uses natural dyes to dye its leather. Aster's shoes are manufactured in Europe with great care and love.

39. Kickers by FAC Agencies

Kickers is a brand of shoes that most or us are likely to be familiar with. But have you ever heard the story behind the brand?

The Kickers story started in 1969, when Daniel Raufast first laid eyes on the poster for the musical 'Hair'. The 1970s were just around the corner, and young people were experimenting with new ways to dress: they wanted to rebel against their parents. Raufast wanted to make clothes for these young people, but he also found inspiration for his famous 'Legend' shoe in an advertising campaign by Levi's. The sheer style of denim fascinated him, and the stamped rivets that reinforced the seams of the pockets became the eyelets for his shoelaces.

To this date, Kickers stands for the freedom to express yourself. Its shoes also offer great freedom of movement to their wearers. They are comfortable and easy to maintain. And they're great for kids too: these shoes have a green strip on the right and a red strip on the left, which helps little ones put their shoes on the right way round.

Kickers by FAC Agencies
Robeez by FAC Agencies

40. Robeez by FAC Agencies

Robeez is a make of slippers for babies and kids up to the age of six. Back in 1994, Sandra Wilson started making her own slippers for her baby. The slippers had to be comfortable to wear and easy to take on and off. Robeez footwear is made of soft leather with a soft and flexible sole to offer the best possible support to growing little feet.

Right from its early days, designing products that support healthy development has been a major focus of the brand. Whatever stage your baby is at, these slippers will fit their feet like a glove.

41. Little Dutch

Little Dutch by name, not so little by nature! This Dutch label for babies, toddlers and pre-schoolers offers a huge range of products that boast charm and practicality in equal measure: from toys to bed linen, and from essentials to decorative items.

If you've not come across its NOOS clothing collection before, get ready to explore beautiful basics in knitted and ribbed fabrics. The items available range from plain colours to the label's familiar prints, and every one of them can easily be combined. And here's a little secret: the brand will be launching its winter collection for 2023 during the Kids Fashion Days. Be sure to stop by and take a look!

Little Dutch
Petit Piao by Le Nordic

42. Petit Piao® by Le Nordic

The desire to create a brand for the little ones inspired by nature, with a focus on quality and plenty of space to move in, was in 2019 the start of Petit Piao®. We design high quality comfortably clothes in natural materials and all is ”OEKO-TEX® certified organic cotton, modal and merino-wool. 

A Petit Piao® collection is always characterize by beautiful color combinations, stripes and hand-drawn illustrations. We strive for quality throughout the entire process from the first illustration on paper to the finished item.Petit Piao® is available in 56-122.