Te ontdekken tijdens de Monday Opening bij home & living! copy

Tijdens de Monday Opening bij home & living van 25 oktober valt er heel wat te ontdekken. Wij lichten al een tipje van de sluier op!

Together for Christmas by Le Creuset

It is that wonderful time of the year again, a time for meaningful connections. The Festive season gives the opportunity to embrace our loved ones again, to celebrate timeless traditions and to create new ones. Perhaps more than any other time of the year, the table is the centre of joy, togetherness, and deeply held tradition. Christmas offers some of the most anticipated cooking moments of the year, and our colourful cookware is at the heart of many Christmas traditions.

I-RON SLICERS by Belgian Cutting

Details such as buttons, levers and feet are finished in beautiful wood. It gives this Slicer an exclusive look. Just like all our I-RON “COLOR 25” cutting machines, it also has a built-in grinding device to keep the blade sharp, its blade diameter of 25 cm and a unique stepless fine adjustment that allows a wafer-thin cutting result that you can hardly find with other machines.

The I-RON 25 NATURALE is also available with a beautiful and sturdy mobile base in the same wood, the TROLL NATURALE (Art.11960 ) This forms a beautiful whole with the machine and can be easily moved.

Prandina by Studio Oskar

The Italian brand Prandina focuses on timeless design and quality. As a result, their elegant lighting transcends every trend and fashion hype. Prandina was founded in 1982 and after almost 40 years is still an established name in the lighting world.

Laengsel by Studio Oskar

Laengsel stands for architectural and contemporary elegance and unique wooden joinery. The Scandinavian-style collection is inspired by Portuguese historical features, landscapes and cultural aspects. The brand uses local crafts, natural materials and has a focus on sustainability throughout its production chain.

HEY-SIGN by Studio Oskar

That's the best way to describe the range from the German company HEY-SIGN. HEY-SIGN offers beautiful, high-quality and functional products in soft 100% pure merino wool for both the home and the office. This brand also surprises with fashionable bags, gadgets and much more!

Nordict Tales by Studio Oskar

Scandinavian sleekness and surprising innovation! That is the best way to describe the minimalist furniture and lighting collection of this Danish interior design brand. With their timeless design, they enrich the Scandinavian furniture tradition but also bring a sustainable story into every interior.

Tebton by Studio Oskar

The designs of the German company TEBTON are clear, reduced and of functional beauty. The application possibilities are as varied as the furnishing styles. The aim at TEBTON is to combine high-quality design and quality with innovation and functionality.

Saxo Living by Studio Oskar

Clever Scandinavian design! These Danish seats are a fine example of quality craftsmanship using the best materials. Classic or minimalist style. Create your own model by choosing from the numerous materials available.

Hoii by Rogon

Decorative cushions with a story. The Hoii team has been travelling around the world for years looking for the most beautiful fabrics and extraordinary details. What makes Hoii so special? The handmade finishes, warm colours and natural feather fillings. Every decorative cushion tells a story and that is why we would like to welcome you into the world of Hoii.

Joseph Joseph Editions Sage Collectie by TTP Concepts

Nice as a gift and also indispensable for the preparation of the Christmas dinner: the Editions Sage Collection by Joseph Joseph. Joseph Joseph's bestsellers in a new jacket! The collection features refreshing shades of powdery green inspired by the colors of textures of a soothing herb garden. Beautiful innovative design combined with the trend colors of today!

Point-Virgule by Livewise

Feel like cocooning in your home all fall and winter long? Prepare your home and decorate it with Point-Virgule's warmly colored glass vases. Embellish them with flowers or use them as candle holders. There's nothing like a pretty light to create a cozy atmosphere in the living room!

Barbecook by Livewise

This winter, consider investing in a Barbecook fire bowl. A fire bowl not only brings warmth, but also creates a true atmosphere and cosiness. Cozy catching up, marshmallows over the fire or just reading a good book, that is all possible !


PHILIPPI enlights your home with the most beautiful items. Take this beautiful piece, which has the name 'Lichtermeer'. Who wouldn't want an eye-catcher in their interior that promises oceans of light? Especially in the dark days of autumn, PHILIPPI gives your interior a boost!

Wunderkey by Croon & Croon Design

No more cold hands this autumn! With Wunderkey, you can unfold the right key in one simple movement. This clever key organizer transforms your bunch of keys into a smart and fashionable accessory. Store up to 16 keys. No more irritating clanking, just have all your keys in one place.

Countryfield Ambiance Collection by Decostar

Decostar's own fragrance line under the Countryfield Label! Available in 7 different scents. The candles are made from soy: a natural, biodegradable and renewable raw material. Soy candles produce no visible smoke and emit little or no soot. Come and smell them at Decostar in the showroom!

Countyfield Collection by Decostar

With the home decoration from Countryfield you can turn your house into a home. Countryfield has stylish tastemakers in its range. Comfortable chairs, industrial lamps and rough storage combined with atmospheric lanterns made of glass or beautiful natural materials with high quality and environmentally friendly candles and wonderful scents that create the special feeling of really coming home.