Must-see products during the Monday Opening baby & kids

Just like the small pagadders of your clientele, our exhibitors at baby &kids never sit still. They are constantly thinking about how innovative articles can make the childhood of many children so much more special. I'm sure you want that too, so be sure to drop by on Monday 26/4!

Baby Dutch Sunglasses by JEP! Agents

With a pair of Baby-Dutch sunglasses on the apple of your eye, the day can't go wrong. Protect the eyes of your child against the sun with a light, comfortable pair of sunglasses. These are just three of the six colors available. Curious about the rest? Come quickly to our showroom, A267 and take a look!

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Discover Jep! Agencies

New collections by Abs Agency Kids Wear

In the showroom of ABS Agency you will find numerous brands. Fans of Angels Face, Boboli, iDo-mothers and Minibanda, among others, will find what they are looking for. All these brands have one thing in common: they celebrate a timeless sense of childlike freedom without compromising on timelessness.

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Ellie The Elephant By Malin Agency

Jack N' Jill welcomes a new character: Ellie the elephant! The new toothbrushes will be available starting in mid-April.

Jack N' Jill is a line of natural toothpaste and other natural care products for babies and children. The products are made from 100% organic ingredients - and completely free of BPA - and the packaging is also biodegradable or recyclable. Fun and eco. Always natural, always good, always safe

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Flo by Dimpe

Meet Flo, a bunny from the Flor & Flore collection with a playful twist. The newest addition to the Dimpe Family. These happy bunnies have a friendly (and very curious) soft, round nose, a peaked bow and a new fur jacket. Get a feel for them? We bet you won't be able to resist their cute soft fur! Available in a variety of colors & styles. Always finished with a characterful bow in a matching color. Discover the endless softness of Flo.

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Jollein by Dolmans Agency

Silicone is a sustainable and ecological choice. We get the children's dinnerware set in four beautiful colors, 100% foodsafe and BPA free. Silicone dinnerware is sturdy, slightly flexible and will not break if dropped. There is a handy suction cup under the plate and bowl and all items are freezer, microwave and oven safe. The silicone dinnerware sets are also dishwasher safe. Handy!

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Large Pavilion Tent by Axes Children

The large pavilion tent has room for you and your friends. Roll up some or all of the sides of the tent and it becomes like a pavilion with a protective roof or fold down the sides to become a cozy play tent.

Children love to build tents, to have their own shelter where they can sometimes isolate themselves from the hustle and bustle to dream away. The more pillows, blankets and cuddly toys they can stuff in there, the cozier it gets. In their imagination it becomes a playhouse, store, castle or a cozy hut. On a rainy day, move the tent inside to create a cozy outdoor feeling.

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Nûby by New Valmar

We know that these teething rings are actually meant for babies, but we also know that parents love them! When the first milk teeth come through, it can be an uncomfortable feeling for the child. The Nûby teething ring helps to soothe this unpleasant feeling. Because the design is playful, the smallest pagadder will also play with it to his heart's content. The silicone and natural beech wood materials? They are safe, durable and 100% hygienic! The beautiful colors make it complete!

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Richies by Happy Horse

Who doesn't know our Richie? This world famous bunny loves to hop into your homes. Do you feel like cuddling? All you have to do is pull his big ears and he'll never let go! And what's more, Rabbit Richie exists in 14 colors and is available as a cuddly toy, musical, rattle and cuddly blanket!

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Tinkel TO GO by Prince Lionheart

You probably know it: the little one is too big for the potty but small for the "grown-up toilet".

With the portable toilet trainer from Tinkel TO GO you are always on the right track. The toilet trainer makes sure that the smallest in the house gets rid of his diapers in no time. The soft, stable seat with built-in splash guard ensures the greatest comfort for the littlest ones in the house. Tinkel TO GO folds compactly to fit in a purse or diaper bag. Super convenient!

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Yummy Bag by Baby on the Move

The Yummy Bag is an environmentally friendly and sustainable storage bag for breast milk and food. Made of 100% food-grade silicone, they are completely safe to carry your precious breast milk, fruit and vegetable porridge and snacks in for your kids but also for yourself! The Yummy Bag is leak proof and can be used in boiling water, and is microwave and freezer and dishwasher safe. The Yummy Bag is designed to last for years and can be reused indefinitely.

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Muchie Pacifier Case by Mamelou

Do you sometimes have trouble keeping your child's pacifiers clean during a walk? Then the new Mushie pacifier holder is the solution to your problem! With a sturdy strap and room for three pacifiers, this pacifier holder easily attaches to a diaper bag or stroller, so you always have comfort at your fingertips. With its food-safe silicone material in a variety of timeless colors, this product is a must-have for any parent. The pacifier holder is dishwasher safe, 100% free of BPA, PVC and phthalates and is suitable for any pacifier brand.

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Cloudnest by babymoov

The Cloudnest was specially designed to soothe your baby's stomach cramps and flatulence. It has a lower arm that can be used to lift the legs up into the fetal position. The second forearm contains a heating pad filled with organic linseed. When placed on your child's tummy, the gentle pressure and warmth promote better digestion and efficiently relieve abdominal pain. Very easy and quick to heat: just remove it from the cover and heat it for a few seconds in the microwave at 40°c, the ideal temperature to block the pain sensors. Your baby will feel a lot better this way. And calm down.

Extra handy: the heating pad can also perform other functions: warming up the CloudNest before you put your baby in it and assisting with weaning during breastfeeding.

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Eeveve by Unicell

When practical necessities for kids are an addition to your interior.

The floor mats from Eeveve are versatile and can be used as a play mat, under the high chair, for potty training or just as decoration at home or outdoors. For the best overall look, they can be combined with other items from the Eeveve collection such as the placemats, coasters and desk mats. The products are 100% vinyl, water resistant and super easy to clean.

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Hide & Seek Wally by Hoorens

Feel like playing hide and seek? This playful whale loves to swim and play hide and seek! The little fish love to hide in Wally's belly. Can you find them? Each fish has its own sound. The sounds will encourage your little one to crawl after the little fish as it rolls away. Wally & the little fish will entertain toddlers for hours while developing their concentration skills and hand-eye coordination.

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Moes by Galaxis

Moesis is a Belgian brand that develops sustainable design toys.

The goal is to stimulate the creativity and motor skills of children in a fun and original way with recognizable figures from their daily environment. The items lend themselves perfectly for open ended play. Soft colors that fit into any interior and a durable material are chosen.

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