Have you already visited these new showrooms?

Our new exhibitors welcome you to their state-of-the-art showrooms. Pay them a visit and discover the best in fashion, interior and lifestyle!

Broos Trading

Did you know that household accessories such as toilet brushes, pedal buckets and dishcloths can be a wonderful addition to your interior? At our new exhibitor Broos Trading you will find (among other things!) Danish design gadgets from Zone Denmark and household textiles from Södahl.

Product range: Kitchen, Dining & Gifts Brands


You already knew Manexco from their showrooms on our shoe floor. Now they have also claimed their place with a new cash &carry formula. Discover removable toppers from Sweet Lemon, Giulia or Hush puppies, among others.

Product range: Cash & Carry Shoes

Why Not

Women's fashion at its best in the new showroom of Why Not. Nice centrally located in the Atrium and packed with elegant pieces > all there!

Product range: Cash & Carry Fashion

Miss Lulu

Nice prints and airy fabrics... At our new exhibitor Miss Lulu you have to be for uncomplicated, beautiful and fashionable pieces. Not to be missed in our cash &carry department.

Product range: Cash & Carry Fashion

Just Woman by matteo

Elegant prints and quality cuts in soft autumn colours, you have to be in the new showroom of Just Woman by Matteo. Now to be discovered at Trade Mart.

Product range :Cash & Carry Fashion

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Fred de la Bretoniere (Shabbies Amsterdam)

In all the designs of these iconic brands, the love for shoemaker craft and an excellent eye for detail can be found. By using exclusively European production and sticking to traditional craftsmanship, each design becomes a unique product. Discover the new showroom now at Trade Mart.

Product range: Women's shoes

Discover the showroom

JBS Agents

We welcome JBS agents to Trade Mart. This agency is ready for you with more than just beautiful baby and kids clothing. Thanks to 20 years of experience in the sector, they help retailers with market-oriented advice, support, clear agreements and a smooth follow-up after sales. Expectations are there to be exceeded!

Product range: Baby and kids clothing