Original! This is how retailers continue their sales

We ♥ our retailers. Crisis or no crisis, these entrepreneurs find ways to make their customers happy! Check out the best practices and keep popping thanks to social media.

Tip 1: Turn up the volume

Out of sight, out of mind... Turn up your social media volume!

Now that you can't physically see your customers, it's all the more important to keep engaging your target audience.

Is your normal activity at a standstill? Even then, it's important to keep posting. Keep your customers warmed up and dish out fun content to them. Bet they won't have forgotten you after the action?

Bonus tip: children's store The Yellow Flamingo has understood this. Spying in their feed is allowed!

Tip 2: Your new pop-up showroom

Don't have a web shop yet? Then use social media to your advantage and start selling via instagram or facebook.

Show your collections in your feed and mention prices and available sizes. Finally, you deliver the products to the customer yourself.

In no time you can pick up your sales! (Just take a look at Paolo Pucci)

Tip 3: Community in power

Encourage customers who shop with you to use their own hashtag when they wear your collection and post about it.

Then you can spice up your own feed with this material. Don't forget to tag the author!

The use of such 'user generated content' comes across very naturally and strengthens your own customer circle.

Jolie M from Tielt applies this technique with verve!

Tip 5: Turn local

Everyone stays in their house: shopping hires has never been more popular!

Social media can also give you a hand in finding local customers.

  • Use local hashtags (e.g. #2800love or #leuvenshopping)
  • Set your location correctly with each post
  • Use the shophere hashtags. On this page you will find an overview of all initiatives and hashtags.