Purchasing strollers: all types collected for you at a glance

Everyone experiences parenting differently. So, as a retailer, you can respond to this diversity by purchasing different types of strollers. But what types of strollers and prams are out there nowadays? As a wholesaler of strollers, it is our pleasure to introduce you to the variety of strollers and accessories. The following exhibitors offer collections of strollers.

How do you recommend the best stroller? 

To help your customers choose the best pram or stroller for their situation, you can ask them the following questions: 

  • How old is your child(ren)? 
  • How many children will use the stroller? 
  • Are you planning to have another child soon? 
  • Do you have a car? 
  • What do you want to use the stroller for? 
  • How active are you? 
  • Where will you store the stroller? 
  • Do you want to travel with your stroller? 
  • Do you want to use the same stroller from 0 to 6 years of age, or for several children? Or would you prefer to change strollers? 

These targeted questions can help you better assess your customers’ needs and preferences. Then, you can propose one of the types of strollers described below. 


Your customers can use a combi-stroller from their child’s birth until they are 4 years old. This type of stroller consists of an undercarriage, an insert for a walking-stroller, and a carrycot. Advise your customers to carry their baby in the carrycot for as long as possible, until they can sit upright (between 6 and 9 months). They can then convert the stroller into a buggy using the walking-stroller insert.

combi stroller


As soon as their baby can sit independently, parents can choose to purchase a stroller only. A stroller is usually sturdier than a folding-buggy and has better suspension; but it’s heavier and more expensive than a folding-buggy. Let your customers try out the strollers’ lying position. The more horizontal their child can lie, the easier it will fall asleep during the stroll.


Folding-buggies are ideal for short strolls and walks in an urban environment, where you have to get on and off the pavement frequently. They are a lot lighter and smaller than a stroller, and are therefore easier to control. However, folding-buggies provide less support. That’s why it is best to advise your customers to opt for a buggy only when their child can sit completely independently.

folding buggy
Tandem-buggy or duo-stroller

Tandem-buggy or duo-stroller 

You've probably seen twins sitting next to each other in a tandem-buggy. But duo-strollers are not only used for twins. You can also recommend them to customers with children with a small age difference. There are different types of tandem-buggies. Often the children sit next to each other, but sometimes behind each other. If one of the two children is still a baby, the baby lies below the older sibling in some models, or above the older brother or sister in other models.

Travel buggy 

Ask your customers if and how they want to travel with their children. Do they usually take the car? If so, suggest that they test whether the stroller fits in the boot. Do they want to travel more often or intensively with their children, or are they planning to fly? In this case, recommend compact lightweight travel buggies, with sturdy wheels and a sun visor.

travel buggy
jogging stroller

Jogging stroller 

You can recommend a jogging stroller to customers who like to jog or run. These strollers have 3 wheels to make them more stable when running.

Stroller accessories 

In addition to the types of strollers described above, you can also purchase various stroller accessories. If you see that the parents differ in height, for example, you can offer them an adjustable push bar. In addition, consider as well: 

Parasols • Nappy bags • Rain caps • Sun caps • Cup holders • Ride-along boards • Foot-muffs • Hand warmers • And more 

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Ask for advice at Trademart, the stroller wholesaler 

Because Trademart is a stroller wholesaler, you’ll find virtually all of the major brands of strollers with us under one roof. So, you can compare a wide variety, try them out, and ask for advice. Visit one of our ‘Monday Openings baby & kids’ and ask the exhibitors for advice. 

At Trademart, the following exhibitors offer collections of strollers, all of high quality: Artsana Belgium - Chicco, Babylonia, Chamo, Cnerj, Little Dutch, Mercator Trading, and Unicell.

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