There they are: the shoe trends of spring 2021

As for shoe trends, spring/summer 2021 will be a season of contrasts. On the one hand, there is the return to nature with earthy tones and comfy materials. On the other hand, we want to stand out and there is plenty of experimentation with flashy colors and pronounced shapes. But there's more. So read on!

1. Pure nature

Sustainability and respect for nature are important themes in the fashion industry – and then shoes can't be left behind, of course. The dominant color palette this season consists of earthy shades: nudes, khaki, brown.

Ecological materials such as recycled cotton and vegan leather are more present than ever.

Our exhibitors: Marco Tozzi fully understood this trend!

2. Back to the future

The statement shoe flirts with futurism this season. Expect digital neon colors and geometric shapes inspired by the architecture.

Voluminous heels with sharp corners and innovative material combinations such as mesh and plastic bring the future a little closer.

Our exhibitorsJMB Association is working out with this trend, be sure to keep an eye on it!

3. Casual with a classy twist

Looking neat but feeling comfortable is central to this trend.

Boots from Tod Agency inspired by the hiking culture but made of quality leather mixing the best of both worlds.

A classic shoe from Ecco with sporty sole completes the casual chic look!

Suede loafers – from Clarks, for example – also embody the comfy but classy feeling.

Are you curious about the new trends?

Discover them on September 13th and 14th during our 'Walk &Watch' Opening Season. And especially for you, a Late Night shopping is planned until 8 pm on Monday 14/09!