These classic shoes are the trend next autumn/winter

Loafers, moccasins, brogues... Discover the classics now at our exhibitors.

Timeless & elegant

The fashion weeks in Milan and Paris were dominated by elegance, a trend that is already palpable this spring and will clearly continue. Suit and tie have been restored in honor and show themselves in the company of classic leather shoes. All evergreens were covered on the catwalk: horsebit loafers, sober loafers, derbys, brogues. Chelsea boots for him and her and super feminine pumps in all heights.

Timeless & elegant

Hybrid classics

Classics such as the Chelsea boat keep it basic or build a bridge to the world of sport and streetwear. Raf Simons launched leather Chelsea boots with futuristic sneaker soles.

Hybrid models are a compromise between the classic leather shoe and the sneaker anyway. We noted models with carré tipping, round tips and sturdy rubber soles or Seventies platform soles.

Sober vs fantasy

In contrast to the timeless basics such as the casual desert boat, the loafer and the more dressed derby and brogue, there are the new classics with a fancy accent.

Prints and embroidery of flowers, metal prints and decorations with necklaces, rhinestone and pearls give the evergreens a frivolous snack.

Exhibitors pictured: ECCOPARABOOT

From androgynous to super feminine

Thanks to the power fashion, androgynous models continue to score well in the women's collections. On the other hand, the revival of the beautiful pump that is brought with stilettos or with sturdy heels and platform soles.

As far as the tips are concerned, the trends vary widely: from carré, round to very pointed.


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