All store initiatives at a glance

Conscious local shopping is currently more current than ever! Therefore, join the following shopping initiatives that Belgian entrepreneurs want to support.


We have listed for you some initiatives that local traders want to support by offering gift cards.

All you have to do is register your companyon the website, so that you too can get a place there. This way, people can support your business by already buying a gift voucher, which they can then redeem at a later time.

Buy local platforms

Also during this second lockdown it is again extremely important for the small self-employed that people shop locally.

Here you will find an overview of websites that can help you with this. Once again, you are meant to register your case on one (or more) of the listed sites, so that people can find their way back to your business more easily.

Merci Belgium

As an entrepreneur, would you like to thank all your loyal customers for their support during this difficult period? Or just everyone who is committed and helping others during this corona crisis?

Then share your video message on the site of Merci Belgium and give the whole of Belgium a boost.