World of Trademart: retailtrends for 2022-2023 according to Hilde Franq

Trend watcher Hilde Franq compiles four lifestyle trends for fall/winter 2022 and spring/summer 2023. We've put everything together for you and are happy to welcome you during our live presentation of these trends at World Of Trademart from late August to late October in our physical Trademart building.

4 trends for fall/winter 2022 and spring/summer 2023

With each trend, we also see color palettes, materials and textures recurring. There are two major trends that are actually diametrically opposed to each other; that of the positive attitude and that of hard realism. Between these two opposites is a kind of "gray zone", where the trends craftsmanship and tactile experiences come in.

Oh, and THE color for 2023 is Digital Lavender, as a retailer you can't ignore it!

Photo by Salvatore Ferragamo

1. A positive attitude

We look for and create a dream world where anything goes, but where real problems are not hushed up. Our dream world is optimistic, colorful, open-minded and inclusive, with a humorous touch.

Photo by Balenciaga.

"Keywords that go with this trend? Positivism and dream world."

Hilde Francq

2. In - depth knowhow

The core idea of this trend? We are going back to basics and have a huge appreciation for real craftsmanship again. The better we understand manufacturing processes, the smarter we can intervene and arrive at sustainable solutions. Photos by Raw Color & FREITAG (Sweat-Yourself-Shop)

3. Tactile experiences

The tactile trend for fall/winter 2022 and spring/summer 2023 is translated into extra thick padded, quilted and high-pile materials and comfortable knitwear.

In addition, we see the uplifting power of color returning.

"The more sterile and digital our world becomes, the more we look for satisfying materials and textures."

Hilde Francq

4. Tough reality

This trend is characterized by a basic and futuristic style. Materials & textures that go with it are mirrors, metallics, alluminium and iridescent effects.

The color usage associated with this trend is dark, with few instagrammable shades.

Photo by Rick owens.

"We are setting ourselves against the ideal world that is created on social media."

Hilde Francq

Trends 2022 20223 summary

The fall/winter 2022-2023 and spring/summer 2023 trends vary from constructive positivism to cold realism.

Bright colors and humor create a dreamlike world in which everything is possible, everything is allowed. The growing appreciation for the know-how and the manufacturing process creates a more emotional and lasting connection with brands.

Consumers oppose the digital world, on the one hand by seeking pleasant sounds, materials and textures, on the other hand by using mirrors, metal parts and aluminum to reflect reality as it is, without filters.

With special thanks to Hilde Francq. Source: Fashionunited. Header by Trend Senses.