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Registration and access

Trade Mart Brussels is the experience platform par excellence for retailers. To guarantee a professional contact between retailers and suppliers you will need a personal entrance card. 

Register as retailer, at the reception or online

As retail professional you can get access at Trade Mart Brussels in two ways. A free day pass or a personal and permanent entrance card. Both can be received at our receptionists at the reception of Trade Mart Brussels, or you can order your admission pass online before your visit. 

Meet our reception team

Our receptionists will receive your every workday at the reception Pool (via parking P1) or at the reception Fashion Gardens (via parking P2). 

At your arrival our receptionists will create your entrance card. The only thing you need to do is hand them your professional details (VAT number, address of your shop, contact details...). They will help you find your way in the building with the necessary floor plans and give you all the information you need for a careless visit. 

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Access via a day pass or a permanent card

At your visit you can choose between a day pass or a permanent card for Trade Mart Brussels. 

Your first visit at Trade Mart Brussels and don't know if it will be interesting for you? Order a day pass and don't hesitate to ask our receptionists for more information.

Are you a regular visitor and do you want to have a smooth entrance whenever you like? Then it will be interesting to buy a permanent card for a year. After the expiration date you can extend your pass easily. 

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Day pass

  • Your day pass is free and valid for 1 day. 
  • Every visit, you register at our receptionists at the reception. 
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Permanent card

  • The permanent entrance card is valid for 1 year and costs 20 euros.
  • A smooth entrance without having to register every visit.
  • Free and safe parking  at our different parking lots, for the whole year.
  • You can order your permanent entrance card directly online.