Registration and access

Are you professionally involved in the retail sector but not yet sure if you are allowed access to all the brands at Trade Mart Brussels? We have listed the different conditions you have to meet in order to qualify for an access card.

Conditions for access

Trade Mart Brussels is reserved for professionals in the retail sector. In order to safeguard the quality and exclusivity of our brands, we ask our visitors to provide information about their business before we will grant them access. In order to qualify for an access card you need to meet the following two conditions and you must be able to provide proof thereof.

1. VAT Number

You must have an active and valid VAT number. Your registration with the Crossroads Bank for Enterprises must be complete.

2. Your professional field of activity

The professional activities of your business must be coherent with the product sectors that are offered at Trade Mart Brussels. You can find a list of these sectors here.

If you are not entirely sure whether you qualify for access or not you can contact us and we will provide you the assurance you need. We will be more than happy to check out whether you qualify or not.

How to apply for access?

Do you meet the above-mentioned conditions? Excellent. All you have to do now is put in your application for an access card and come and then collect it from our reception desk.

One year of unlimited access

Are you a regular visitor to Trade Mart Brussels and would you like to be able to gain speedy access every time you visit without having to report to the reception every time? Apply for a 12-month card!

  • Price? 20 euros for 12 months
  • Length of validity? full access during 12 months
  • Parking? free of charge
  • Access? all the floors of Trade Mart Brussels

You have applied for your card online. Has your application been approved? Just report to our reception, our service team will be happy to provide you with your access card. Just before you reach the expiry date of your card, contact us again so that we can renew it for you.

Frequently Asked Questions

⋑ I only need to go to Trade Mart Brussels a few times; do I need to buy a card for the full twelve months?

No, you don’t. You can just ask for a day pass from the reception as long as you meet all the conditions for access. You must be able to present us with proof thereof. The day pass is free of charge and gives you access to the buildings of Trade Mart Brussels for one full day. You will have to pay 6 euros however if you wish to use our car park.

⋑ My business meets the conditions for access and I have applied for my access card. Can I just walk into any of the showrooms that I like?

All the brands that are present at Trade Mart Brussels decide for themselves which professionals they want to present and sell their collections to. If you are not sure whether you have the right to go into their showroom, you are advised to contact them as per the contact details provided. You will find these on their exhibitor page.

⋑ I have a business that does not fall under the sectors of Trade Mart Brussels but I would still like to apply for access. Is this possible?

In certain instances we can make exceptions to the rule. If you can also show us why you want to have access and can provide proof that you should be considered for this, we may be able to give you exceptional access.

⋑ I have an appointment with one of the exhibitors. Do I need to apply for an access card in order to attend the appointment?

Yes. You will need to have a verified access card. If you are visiting for one time only, you can also ask for a day pass. This is completely free of charge and gives you access to the buildings of Trade Mart Brussels for one whole day. You just have to pay 6 euros if you wish to use our car park. Just report to the reception and ask them to provide you with a day pass.

⋑ Where do I report to pick up my access card?

You can pick up your access card on working days from the Pool reception (via car park P1) and from the reception of Fashion Gardens (via car park P2). Make sure to bring all your professional details with you: active VAT number, address and contact details.

If you have any more questions, just let us know via the contact form.