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Trademart Digital for buyers

Always up-to-date with the latest trends. Find inspiration and new products for your store and order directly online with an Amazon-like convenience

Launch December 2021

Get inspired
Get inspired

Always be on top of the latest trends in your buying categories. Constantly learn about the latest products to have in your store and the retail business itself

Effortless ordering with multiple brands
Effortless ordering with multiple brands

1 login to buy with all brands. Place 1 order with different brands at the same time. Follow-up on orders and keep a history of your purchases. Easy communication with our sellers

BAuying products becomes a pleasant experience
BAuying products becomes a pleasant experience

Virtually walk through the showrooms of your favorite brands to get inspired. View their products in 360° to see every detail

Find the best products, check them out offline and buy online
Find the best products, check them out offline and buy online

Shop the latest products from your favourite brands. Easily prepare your visit to a showroom to see and feel the products before buying them. Or order directly online when you want. We support collections, NOOS, seasonals and other buying models

Trademart Digital in detail

Always up-to-date with the latest trends

- Be the first to spot the newest products and brands

- Discover new product categories to diversify your own offer

- Personalized communication about the product categories that interest you

- Blogs and posts full of inspiration on our social channels

- Walk digitally through the most beautiful showrooms (next phase)

Purchase the latest products

- View all brands and products online

- Easily search the entire product catalogue by brand or category

- View product variations (sizes, colours, styles)

- All information about the product available online, including 360° images

- See which products can be viewed in the brand’s showroom

- Up-to-date stock information (in stock, never out of stock)

Sales tools to boost your sales

- Download and use digital catalogues instantly

- Online access to marketing materials for your store

- Product spec sheets and other detailed information always available

Order online

- Place your order online for different brands at the same time

- Automatic splitting and distribution of orders to the right distributors

- Set up different delivery locations

- Set up and use different carriers and payment methods

- Consult your order history

- Follow up the status of your orders

- Repeat order or re-order with ease

The best promotions

- Discount on specific products or product groups

- Discounts on order minimums

- Discount when using specific payment method and delivery method

Available in 3 languages

View all products and surf through our catalogue in your favourite language: Dutch, French or English


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