Tips & tricks for your first visit

Trade Mart Brussels is big. Very big, and a first visit can be overwhelming. That's why we put together a couple of useful tips.

 Tips & tricks for your first visit

Especially for new visitors, we organise several VIP tours of the building every last Monday of the month. One of our hostesses briefly explains how Trade Mart Brussels works, precisely where you need to be to find the articles and brands you’re looking for, and the best times to pay a visit.

You can of course also start preparing for your visit yourself. These concrete tips will put you on the right track:

Finding your way in Trade Mart Brussels

  • Coming by car? Then choose the right parking lot! Don’t simply turn at the first arrow that says ‘Trade Mart Brussels’, because that might not be the most convenient entrance for you. So, check in advance which sectors you want to be in, and then choose the best entrance.
  • We have 2 entrances: so, remember where you entered. (If you want to find your car at the end of the day, pay attention to where you are parked when you arrive.)
  • Are you really and truly lost? A golden tip: try to go back to the centre of the building. You can always orient yourself better from the Atrium.
  • Did you know that our ‘roundabouts’ − the escalators in the 4 corners of the building − all have a different look? You can easily find where you are on a floor plan by looking at the colour of the roundabout.

Meeting suppliers

  • Find out which of our sectors most closely matches your store. Once you have found it, you should check that sector’s opening days.
  • Look for exhibitors that you definitely want to visit and make a list via our watchlist.
  • Are you looking for a particular product? Then use our handy search tool to see who you need to visit for that product.

All that purchasing made you hungry & thirsty?

  • Our catering partner Food Sense is your lifesaver! Find your way to the Atrium, and have a culinary treat before continuing your shopping.