CORE FESTIVAL 27 & 28/05/22

Showcase - by fashion & labels

A flexible connection between your brand and retail!

Flexibele rental formulas

You want to show your brand to the world! Yet you're not sure if you want to go for a permanent showroom yet. That's why Showcase's flexible rental formula is the perfect solution!

Showroom 50m2

  • 1 week - vanaf €1000
  • 2 weken - vanaf €1500
  • 4 weken - vanaf €1750

Showroom 90m2

  • 1 week - vanaf €1500
  • 2 weken - vanaf €2250
  • 4 weken - vanaf €2750

Professional showroom

A professional setting where you receive customers and showcase your brand? We take care of it! Wifi? Coffee? Display case? It's all in there!

A big and safe parking

With more than 1500 parking spaces, both you and your customers can park safely in the heart of Brussels! Park safely in one of the 1500 parking spaces in the heart of Brussels.

Exposure via our marketingchannels

Our marketing department makes sure your brand is seen by a lot of professionals in the retail business. Would you like to provide your own content? You can!

Showcase your brand at special events

At Trademart we like to spoil exhibitors and their customers! That's why we regularly hold promotions such as Let's Bubble: for each appointment we give you a free bottle of champagne (worth €30) to give to your client! Cheers!

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