We will be closed on Sunday 09/04, but will be happy to welcome you on Easter Monday 10/04 from 10am to 4pm.

Supplies & services

Looking for the perfect location to put your services on the map? Would you like a wide network of retailers and suppliers to market your services? Then, Trademart is the right address!

We don't just present the very latest collections to our visitors – we like to supplement the offer with a few indispensable supplies & services. And we complete the circle thanks to the presence of suppliers in packaging materials, surveillance systems and store security, scent marketing, display window material, and much more.

Reach more customers with your services

Trademart is the ideal place to unveil your services. Expand your customer portfolio from our central location.

Give our retailers the support they need

Our supplies & services department offers additional services to both visitors and exhibitors. From packaging materials and merchandising, to surveillance systems, scent marketing and store design.

Does your product or service also belong in this list? Can you offer added value to our visitors and exhibitors?

Take advantage of our annual reach

  • More than 10,000 unique professional visitors per year

  • 400 exhibitors

  • Physical stores, online players, global products, niche brands


Our team is ready to discuss the showroom of your dreams ! Contact them for all your questions or simply leave your details if you want to be contacted for more info.